Neonatal Nutrition

As we all know nutrition is the customary facet to lead a healthy life it is obligatory to take proper foods now-a-days. The process of maintaining proper nutrition in our day-to-day life may cause less turn to fall to upcoming ailments. Health issues have no age limit it can even start from a new born baby to older people.  Availability of ample amount of nutrition in your intake includes vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc. In Infants it may cause various diseases like allergies, wheezing and atopic dermatitis if they are devoid of mother’s milk in the early days from their date of birth. In Adults it causes various issues even in their outward appearance like shortness in growth, incessant health-sick, loss in weight, easy loss in working capacity, etc. As of which in older adults we can count a lot of health impairment like getting weak, blurred vision, lily-livered nerves, hearing wreckages and getting things lost from their memory soon. As like this there is also a different pattern of nutrition intake that varies from male and female which is to be discussed in the later topics.

  • Track 1-1 Infant Nutrition
  • Track 2-2 Adult Nutrition
  • Track 3-3 Older Adult Nutrition
  • Track 4-4 Recommended Ideas
  • Track 5-5 Say no to Ailments

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