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Frederick Vuvor


Lysine is one of the essential amino acids lacking in cereal based diets. It is known to be the most limiting and therefore determines the quality of dietary protein. This study investigated the effect of lysine supplementation on blood pressure of hypertensive adults in two peri-urban communities. The study was a randomized double-blind controlled study made up of adults men and women assigned to a lysine supplemented group and a placebo-supplemented (control) group. The subjects aged between 18-45 years and totaling 180. Total of 50 (28%) of the participating were hypertensive defined as Systolic Blood Pressure of ≥140mmHg. The mean SBP of lysine-supplemented group significantly dropped from 146.11±11.93 to 124.95±10.44 mmHg (p=0.02). That of women also dropped from 144.12±10.41 to 138.38±10.69 mmHg, (p=0.06) while the control group had their SBP remained fairly constant after 112 days of intervention with changes in men from 145.79±12.56 to 142.79±11.07 mmHg (p=0.32) and women in the control had very little drop from 145.15±14.79 to 145.00±17.93 mmHg (p=0.96). It could be concluded that, lysine supplementation resulted in normalization/reduction of blood pressure of hypertensive subjects.